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Benefits of Educational Tours

Posted by contentadmin on October 19, 2016

Travel is a lifelong gift and it is more and more accessible to youth. Going on a first trip with your classmates is a memorable event.


Young first time travelers discover new environments, people, places and learn of the history behind the destination. Whether boarding a flight or a motor coach the excitement, preparation and anticipation are great motivators to experience history, culture, food and not just read about it.


A young travelers’ first destinations are often times Washington DC, Boston and New York City. The places, people and events of history books come to life and allows students to make connections with past and current events. For example while touring DC or New York City  a student will learn of the close ties America had with the French: from Pierre Charles L’Enfant, the designer of the District of Columbia to the Statue of Liberty, a gift from the French.


Students bring back their souvenirs of the actual physical experience of seeing the place and how they interpret the experience will remain with them for a lifetime. Initial trepidation leads to greater comfort leading to an elevated sense of adventure to learn and discover more. Insight and greater cultural awareness create better understanding of the world around and further. Beyond hearing or reading about it, first hand experience creates a tangible, lasting connection.


These first travel ‘steps’ lead to bigger leaps into other countries and continents. An educational class trip with your students can take on many forms. From walking the snowy streets of the walled city of Quebec and discovering the French culture and cuisine to exploring the Connemara in Ireland and experiencing Gaelic games or learning more about the United States Government inner workings by meeting a senator or Congressman in Washington DC.


We value the first travel experiences of students making sure all our efforts and energies are focused on a successful educational trip to make the dreams of travel last a lifetime.


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