Daily Safety Review

Safety And Preparation Are Critical Components Of GO Educational Tours’ Mission.

Safety on any GO Educational Tour is paramount. 

For parents, teachers, school administrators and chaperones making sure the student travel experience happens in a structured and safe environment is a priority. When choosing any tour company, safety should be one of the top considerations.

GO understands this and has made it part of its DNA.

Whether you are traveling within the USA, on the continent or another, our team is available 24/7.

  • GO will insure that any situation is dealt with rapidly and effectively. 
  • GO will have trained staff for all possible contingencies.
  • GO will plan all trips and make sure our team and your chaperons and organizers avoid any potential dangerous situation while on tour.
  • From airport check-ins, security checks, to customs procedures
  • GO has a clear and precise contingency and communication plan to deal with emergencies
  • All GO vendors are selected based on specific standards of quality and safety.
  • GO will always stay updated with State Department recommendations on travel to specific countries.
  • GO will stay updated with the CDC on any precautions needed for the tour.

If you have selected not to have a GO leader on your tour, the organizers (teachers, parents, chaperones and school administrators ) will receive detailed instructions on dealing with various situations and having contingency plans for you.

GO offers to all organizers a pre-tour  live webcast/webinar with your class or student passengers on pre-trip preparation but also on safety on tour.

Every passenger will receive a silicon bracelet with all of the emergency phone numbers they need in case of a situation where it may be needed.

Our GO leaders on tour will do a ‘Daily Safety Review’. From motorcoach safety (on, off and around the coach), at your destination and at the hotel.

Safety first for all our passengers.