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Québec City


Quebec City is an ideal destinations to visit for language immersion class trips. The primary language spoken in here is French Canadian, so students will have an authentic experience with the language. Quebec City holds deep rooted history with European charm.

Make sure to see:

- Samuel de Champlain's statue

- le Chateau Frontenac

- la Citadelle

- La Place-Royale

- la rue du Petit-Champlain

- le Parlement de Quebec

- the Plains of Abraham

- Montmorency Falls


With fascinating architecture, cobblestone streets and old architecture, you will be immersed in the European culture right in North America. Students will have guided tours and explore some of the top visited museums and locations in Upper and Lower Town Quebec City. A school trip to Canada will give students the chance to fully immerse themselves in a rich culture and experience all the beauty and cultural flair the city has to offer.

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