About Us

The Team

The Team

We have a young team of dedicated travelers ready to make your next school trip a memorable experience for you and your students.

GO guides you through every step of the school trip planning process. You can customize all or parts of your trip. Or simply choose one of our Pick, Click & GO programs if you wish for an economical and quick trip planning. Planning can be daunting but all our efforts are channeled to make it easier on you.

Start with a ‘live’ evening parent meeting. Our owner is usually the one who presents the trip and then takes questions about the trip from the parents.

Learn how you can earn GO Travel Scholarships to help reduce the price of travel for your students.

Some states are re-introducing civics as part of the curriculum and our Travel Scholars program is being rolled out for Washington DC, then NYC and Boston in 2020.

GO Leaders

GO Leaders

Our GO Leaders are part of the GO Mission of creating memorable travel experiences for students, parents and teachers.



Everyday starts with Safety and Security. They do the daily safety briefing and review with the group. It is our most important concern. 


They engage students in the trip, bring energy and fun on each day.


They help you, the organizer, enjoy the trip. Managing the small and big details so you can enjoy your time with your students. 


9 out of 10 teachers say our GO Leaders are indispensable to the success of their trip.