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Sales Assistant Position

We are hiring now – If you would like to gain experience in sales this is a great gateway opportunity for you.

Assistant Tour Coordinator

GO Leader


GO Educational Tours is looking for motivated future GO Leaders to accompany our student groups to Washington DC, New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, Montreal, Quebec City and more.

Are you:

  • Dynamic
  • Friendly
  • Fun and interesting
  • Knowledgeable
  • A lover of history
  • Outgoing

Do you have:

  • Strong Leadership skills
  • Communications and public speaking skills
  • Good personal discipline

Who also:

  • Enjoys working with kids and young students?
  • Likes to travel and share your interest in history and travel?
  • Perhaps want to become a teacher?

If you answered yest to most of these skills and interests, this job might be for you!

We are looking for sophomores, juniors and seniors with majors in education, history and other related subjects.  If your profile fits, we will definitely welcome you to the team even if you have graduated from college.

These student groups are middle and high school classes traveling with their teachers. Your job is to be the tour leader for the trip by engaging the students in their travel experience.

You will learn how to manage a group, engage and work with the students and prepare them for their visits to sites and attractions. A major component of the job is to make sure they are safe and involved in their travel experience, all while managing the logistics of the tour on the road.

Specific Skills:

  • Leadership skills
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Enjoys working with youth and teachers prior experience working with kids/students
  • Great interpersonal skills – if you are shy, please do not apply
  • Previous travel experience (solo too)
  • Public speaking skills
  • A good understanding and knowledge of US history, government and politics – if you don’t you will be re-immersed in these topics
  • Be coachable, flexible, and exhibit ability to take direction

Key Responsibilities:

  • Creating a bond with the student group
  • Learn the student names during the trip
  • Manage the tour with an itinerary – timing, schedule changes
  • Communicating with the tour organizers – teachers, parents and other chaperones
  • Oversee the smooth outcome of the trip
  • Always oversee the security and safety of the group by communicating and reviewing the safety rules during the trip

If you qualify and you are selected you will learn/receive;

  • Extensive in house training on tour leading and management
  • How to give and present information to a group of students
  • How to manage the logistics of a tour on site
  • How to keep the students engaged and participating in their trips and more..


Salary will be commensurate with experience and qualifications.

  • Compensation is on a per day basis and starts at $175/day
  • Per diems and all meal and travel expenses are paid
  • In office training is compensated on an hourly basis ($10) and requires 20 hours of training
  • On site training days at the destination are paid at $100/day with expenses
  • Training will be held at our offices in Wakefield on 3 Saturdays in March
  • Based on their individual schedule and availability, each GO Leader will receive a schedule of tours for April, May, June and July

In other words we will train you to make make a difference on tour and have a lasting impact on the students travelling with you.

You will be assigned to a destination in your first year either New York or Washington DC and be trained on site.

If you are interested please send your resume to: Send your resume here (goleaders@goeducationaltours.com)

NO phone calls will be accepted.  Questions or queries may be submitted by email.