School Trip Packing List

School Trip Packing List

Packing for your next school trip is an important part of the travel experience. Pack too much and you need to drag those bags with you everywhere. Pack too light and you’ll need things once you are at your destination.

The Art of Packing

You too can become an artist, a packing artist.

How to pack for a 4 day overnight school trip

Packing Lite

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Things to keep in Mind

Don’t pack the night before. Start packing a day or two before. You’ll remember something the next day but you’ll still be home.

Don’t bring more than you need. When you pack think of the days you’ll be on your school trip. Will you need an extra layer. Can I wear on the plane or bus? You can always pack an extra pair of underwear or socks or some extra t-shirts.  Layering is the key during a class trip. A base, a long sleeve and a jacket. Any combination to keep you cool, warm and dry.


The key to a great school trip is good footwear. Bring a good pair of broken in shoes. Not flip flops. The more comfortable you are the better you’ll enjoy your trip.

Get more out of your school trip or any future travels you may plan. Work on your packing black belt.

Plan ahead and be prepared.

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