GO Travel Scholarships

The GTS is often imitated but the original one was pioneered by GO. Many companies offer incentives to trip organizers. We prefer the students benefit by having lower prices for their class trips.

Reducing the cost of travel for students

Part of the GO Educational Tours mission is to reduce the cost of travel for students. We pioneered the GO Travel Scholarships and we offer 1 free student for each 49 paid.

You can earn as many travel scholarships because they reduce the price for your students This also includes he complimentary teachers who come on the trip.

Tips on how to use the Free Trip

You can use this free trip any way you see fit. Here are some ideas from some of our schools and how they have used the free student.

5.  Reward a deserving student.

Talk with your colleagues and the administration to select a student that would not have the opportunity to attend the trip without the financial assistance the free trip.

4.  Create a “Win a free trip” raffle that can be used as a fundraiser for the trip.

Your school can sell raffle tickets for $5, $10, $20 or an amount you choose.  The winner or winners of the raffle receive a free trip and the extra money raised gets applied to the to each student going on the trip.

3.  Discount the price for all of the students going on the trip.

Apply the value of the free trip evenly between all the students registered for the trip to give everyone a discount.

2.  Hold a contest and offer the free trip as the prize.

Have your students write an essay, compete in a history quiz, math or spelling bee.  The winner receives the free trip.

1.  Whatever works best for you group.

We don’t put any parameters on how you use your free trip.  We’d love to hear how you used your free trip.

Learn how you can earn more travel scholarships by calling the GO Team at 

855-446-8687 x 101

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