From the City of Lights to the Beaches of Normandy and le Mont St-Michel


From the indulgent smell of pâtisseries and freshly baked bread to the captivating architecture all around, a class trip to France will be one like no other. There is no better French language experience than taking your students to the country of origin. From Paris to Normandy, this will provide a special je ne sais quoi you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Paris will be the first stop on the trip where you will experience its heritage with both historical and modern treasures. You will see the iconic Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, and of course explore all the museums, touring, shopping and dining. Once students have seen as much of Paris as possible in one trip (there will always be something new to discover), they will move on to Normandy. Here, they will see first hand the famous sites painted by the French Impressionist artist, Claude Monet — including his home. From Étretat Cliffs to Honfleur, students will experience all of the charm of Normandy. Give your students the experience of a lifetime with a school trip to France's Paris, Normandy and beyond!

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