Hey Stefan,

 We are all back safe and sound. You and Julie did a wonderful job with our group. I feel you guys went beyond the call of duty to make this trip amazing and yet at the same time also accommodating. I do appreciate the time you spent in creating an itinerary and being able to change on the fly.

 Thank you for such a great time. I learned quite a bit and am looking at taking a family trip to Boston (in the near future) to see the sights you took us through as well as have my oldest daughter and son look at potential universities.

 Thanks and wishing you much success.

 Much Respects,

Kevin N.


What did you like best about your trip and the service GO Educational Tours provided?: Easy to work with and great with our students

One aspect you would like us to improve on: Slow down the pace. Quality over quantity.

Any other comments you wish to add- feel free to do so here. Your input is very valuable to us: Overall we had a great trip and we look forward to working with you again.

Please provide any comments in regards to your driver(s): Excellent job! I felt very safe and it was a relaxed trip, in spite of NY traffic!!! There were NO WORRIES!!!


Good afternoon Stefan,

I have heard wonderful things about the trip from students, parents and faculty.

Thank you very much for the wonderful experience and for taking care of our children so well.

 4.8 OUT OF 5

Scholars were amazing!!! Our guide Stefan was amazing. He was engaging with staff and scholars. Knew everyone by name on the trip before arriving at our first destination. Stefan was great at keeping the momentum of the group towards the end of the day when scholars started to fade with his great attitude. Staff was able to have time to themselves during meals. All the meals were in a contained location so the staff could have a few moments to themselves. The monuments at night gave scholars a chance to move at their own pace and observe meaningful sites. FDR, MLK, Jefferson, Lincoln, Washington, and the different war memorials were very memorable. Great time to connect with different scholars and have unforgettable conversations about the significance of each one.

I would give this trip a 4.8/5. It wasn’t perfect but it came pretty close. GO tours ‘team’ were absolutely amazing. Combine that with great scholars and staff you get the wonderful experience we got.


Our kids and staff were AMAZING!! Stefan knew every student’s name within the first 15 minutes of being on the bus and did a great job of developing a relationship with them  – this was a major difference from last year.  Last year’s tour guide probably had far more knowledge of the history of the city, but didn’t connect with the kids as well.  In a conversation I had with Burrus, we recognized this as a trade off, and decided that for this and next year’s 8th graders, the bond is more essential than the extra history.


In planning the trip, communication with and conducting business with Stefan was very easy and clear.


I think [our GO Leader] did a wonderful job. He was energetic, knowledgeable and very patient! I would give the tour company a 4/5!