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Creating Memories

Posted by contentadmin on September 28, 2016

Organizing the best educational tour for your student requires carefully selecting your tour company. GO Educational Tours is dedicated to the success of each tour as we value and respect the travel experience of students (often times their first).


For example, we had a great travel weekend once to New York City with a group of students. What is most satisfying about organizing middle and high school educational tours for students is knowing that you are creating memories for young travelers.


This tour to New York was a great example. A group of students from Grand Bahamas going to spend 5 days in New York City, the Big Apple. A great opportunity on this educational trip to create memorable moments. Starting with a blank canvas we could build our tableau of souvenirs from the very moment the student group got there. Right from the start, the idea would be to make sure they were immersed in the contrast big city life offered over island life.


Arriving in JFK we collected the student group on our motorcoach and the drive into the city was a great opportunity to connect them with the city. We talked about Verrazano, Hudson, the Dutch, New Amsterdam and how it was renamed in honor of the Duke of York when he seized the island of Manhattan in 1664. The history and characters were introduced and would be referred to when they took a city tour with a local guide.


The yellow cabs - so many and why they are such a force economically and how they affect the socio economics of the city; from car ownership, public transportation, economics, and how despite being a megalopolis, it is still a very intimate city of neighborhoods.


We talked about steam from the NYSC manholes, the trap doors on the streets, the fire escapes on the front of the buildings and other aspects so unique to the city.


Covered the safety aspects of walking in the city as a group of students on an educational tour - vigilance, watching over your money, and the buddy system.


Once in the heart of the city we started right away with a walk and discovery of Times Square to get a late afternoon snack and also to stretch the legs after a long morning of air travel.


Then we walked a bit more to take in the sight, sounds and smell of New York. No educational tours can be complete without walking the city. It is the best way to discover New York on any student tour and wearing comfortable shoes is important.


Especially for this group from the Bahamas, for them to get a complete contrast from the quiet beat and rhythm they are used to: the hustle and bustle, noise, speed and dynamic vibe are unavoidable and you are immersed in the city’s action.


The first activity was to go to the TOP of the Rock at Rockefeller Plaza. All student group tours love the experience and we prefer it to the Empire State. The observatory is vast and allows a great panoramic view of the city and the Empire State Building. Here the students also see some of the other prominent buildings of the city; from the Freedom Tower, CitiGroup and Sony building and of course the Chrysler building.


Then after a quick walk back to Times Square to get a group meal at the Hard Rock Cafe to complete the evening.


And that was only day 1!


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