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GO Travel Scholars

Posted by contentadmin on April 19, 2019

The GO Travel Scholars program is  a pre-trip planning activity for student engagement on their class trips to Washington DC, New York City and Boston. It is the perfect way to give your students a hands-on opportunity to prepare for their travel experience.

Greater congestion at many sites and locations in Boston, NYC or Washington DC sometimes makes it difficult to hear and follow what a tour leader is presenting. We have been trying to create more engaging learning opportunities for traveling students. Sometimes outdoor presentations get muffled by the noise and students in the back can't hear or follow the tour leader presentation. Their interest drops dramatically.

Student Engagement

So we have designed an activity set called GO Travel Scholars as a student engagement activity during their class trip to keep their interest level high by having themselves and their friends present topics.

The activities are designed for small groups of 3 or 4 students working together to prepare a presentation on one of the topics/attractions/museum/etc they will be seeing during their class trip.

Each student will take on part of the assignment. Introducing the subject and topic they have been assigned or selected. Two of the students will then elaborate on the story. Telling the it through a presentation or even a short theatrical vignette of the location or event. Then another student to wrap it all up with a concluding presentation.

They can then add facts and trivia at the end to enrich their friends knowledge.

Each team will research a specific attraction and create a 4-8 minute presentation for their friends when they get to the site or location.

Using the template GO has provided they will be guided on how to best prepare.


These workshops will help students develop public speaking skills, theatrical tricks to keep their audience captivated and ultimately increase their knowledge. Everybody wins.

Once at their destination our GO Leaders will know where to have them present and set-up to be successful. We like to find quieter locations where it is not too busy for the team to present their topic.

Our GO Leaders will be standing by to help them find the suitable location and  encourage, guide, and support students as they drop some knowledge on their fellow students

Call us to learn more 855-446-8687

Travel, engage, learn, experience. The GO way.

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