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Let us Customize Your Washington DC Class Trip

Posted by contentadmin on September 14, 2016

Going to Washington DC with student groups on tour for many years, I am often asked what are my favorite sites in DC.


The list might be a bit subjective and definitely debatable but essentially after many years and many trips to DC these seem to be the top sites that do leave a lasting impression on the students.


Each of our GO Educational Tours programs can be customized to your objectives. If you have an arts concentration then we would recommend visiting the National Gallery and the Portrait Gallery and see the Gilbert Stuart portraits of the Presidents - especially, the Anthenaum which is said to be the best portrait of George Washington.


If your focus is on African American culture, soon the Museum of African American History will be opening on the Mall. Combined with a visit of the Frederick Douglass House your class trip to DC could then include these visits.


With the Presidential Inauguration next year, we are planning class trips specifically for that occasion. It is a historic moment that many people don't often see in person.


Our Inauguration Trip


See our library of “Ideal” Itineraries. The GO team put together the best itinerary for an educational trip to Washington DC. Whatever your objectives are for your class trip these ideal itineraries will make sure you hit all the key attractions and sites to fulfill these objectives.


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