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Making a Difference

Posted by Stefan Mercier on July 6, 2016

Experience has shown that we can make a difference for a few days during the tour. Discovery, friendship, wonder, camaraderie, curiosity are all part of the different emotions and feelings young travelers will experience. We like to be a part of that without being the main attraction.


We put all our efforts and work with a lot of determination to make sure your tour runs smoothly. Like a Broadway show, you watch the show without seeing all the backstage maneuvering to make it all happen. A lot of work goes into it to make it look easy.


Our backstage is one of logistics. Selecting reliable and quality vendors, like the hotels and motor coach companies, play a large part of the success of a tour.


Then our GO Leaders are chosen from the education departments of local colleges. They have some pedagogical experience and we enhance it with some very intense training to make sure they know how to run a tour.


The main theme and focus of training is this: the student traveler. We make sure this is repeated over and over - they are the priority at all times: their safety, making sure they are having fun and seeing the things they should be seeing. Love your kids, your group and focus on that for the whole time. Making sure that all of them are engaged and that you are available to them at all times during the tour is our mantra. And smile. Smile until it hurts. This seems silly but there is nothing like a smile to enhance a day, rain or shine.


For example, in Washington DC during the Presidential Inauguration in 2017, there will be many travelers. The city will experience some congestion and making sure the itinerary is well crafted is key. Being prepared for such an event is critical. The GO Leaders are aware and will also be prepared for any unexpected delays from traffic and road closures.


Paying attention to the small details and giving more than expected is what we pledge to the teachers and traveling students.


If you're a teacher and want your kids to have a great travel experience, give us a call and let us give you a quote on a trip and the upcoming 2017 Presidential Inauguration.


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