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Plan a School Trip with GO

Posted by Sweta on November 6, 2019

Plan a School Trip with GO

It's a privilege to have such great educators turn to us to plan a school trip to Washington DC, New York City, Boston, Montreal and Internationally to Italy, France and Costa Rica.

Our Tours

Affordable school experiences, not cheap travel

Teachers come to us looking for more value for their students. Our pricing is always competitive because we do not pay incentives to the organizers in the form of points or rewards. These do cost money and in the end the students pay for these perks. We prefer they benefit by having lower trip costs.

Quality school tours for student groups

Motor coaches companies selection is based on their fleet maintenance and safety records. We prefer paying a little more for a better company. Reliability and making sure a bus is there on the day of departure is key.

Choosing hotels is easier today. More and more are updated and we use mid-range hotels like Hampton/Fairfield/Hilton Garden/Holiday Inns and similar categories.

When it comes to meals we never hold back to save a few dollars to show a good price. A lot of companies offer 'voucher' style meals in malls. We find this chaotic and the trip experience is diminished.

You're on a trip with your students and you should take time to enjoy a sit-down meal at the end of the day. This may be worth the extra $10-20 as in the end it is far more memorable part of the trip then waiting in line at subway.

Make your next School Trip a memorable one

School trips are an amazing opportunity for students to bond with their teachers. We're privileged to b part of this and we work on being there for you in supporting during the planning process. We want your trip to be memorable for the lasting impact it will have not because we cut back on a cheaper meal.

If you are an experienced trip organizer we simply become your back office and then on the road our team of GO Leaders manage it to the best outcome.

First time planner? We do all the heavy lifting for you. From the parent presentation to collecting funds and setting a payment schedule for the families.

School trip costs and prices vary based on the number of students planning to travel. The more you have the better pricing you will get. But we don't cut on things to make the trip 'cheaper'.

We're a smaller company and we have a great team of young dedicated travelers. Michaela, Sarah, Ericka and Valentina in the office and a GO Leader team ready to host your next class trip.

Every trip starts with GO!

Find out more about GO - start here.Find out more about GO and our travel programs.

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