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Protecting Your Investment on an Educational Tour

Posted by Stefan Mercier on July 18, 2016

Travel Insurance and Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR)


Sending your child or student on an educational class trip to Washington DC or New York, Chicago, Boston or Montreal and Quebec is a substantial investment. As these school tours are planned quite a few months ahead, if not a year or two ahead, certain events are unpredictable. Protecting this investment is now possible with a new travel insurance package offered through Travel Insured. The coverage offered includes the traditional medical and travel interruption covering 100% of the trip cost. This is a sound protection as even a minor incident could involve high medical costs.


If a flight is delayed or cancelled, certain associated costs would also be covered. Best of all is the Cancel For Any Reason coverage with Travel Insured. It is now possible to Cancel Anytime prior to the trip and get 75% of your funds back up to 48 hours before departure. Certain general exclusions do apply, however this is a sound policy to have. If you cancel at anytime, this means $300 is covered for Cancel For Any Reason (75% of the $400)


If there was a cancellation after the deposit was paid (usually 30%) :


  • $120 deposit - cancel for any reason is triggered then you would get up to $90 back.


If there is Cancellation after the final payment


  • $400, then $300 would be refunded to you.


Keep in mind that every student will be covered by a Travel Insurance policy purchased on their behalf that covers events like a pre-trip sickness or injury or other events described in the the Description of Coverage.


Travel Insurance Benefits


In 2015, our travelers experienced a severe delay in their travels when a snowstorm caused a plane to skid off the runway at LaGuardia Airport. As the airport closure extended beyond their arrival day the airline was about to cancel their trip.


Our team worked diligently to get them on a flight to JFK on the same day of arrival but much later that night. They missed some parts of their trip but they could have lost the whole trip cost had the airline simply had no seats or if the weather had persisted longer than it did.


They lost almost a full day of touring! Our GO Leaders stayed positive and, with the help of the group, everybody enjoyed a whirlwind tour. However, upon returning home, trip interruption coverage would have covered the cost of missed attractions which included the Broadway show worth $75 a ticket.


A small investment of $57 in travel insurance would have covered them for this ticket and also any costs incurred by the delays and interruptions for a $850 trip. The whole trip was potentially at risk. Part of GO’s mission includes - “dedicated...to long-lasting relationships and impeccable customer service.” We would be remiss if we did not offer such coverage to protect your investment in student travel.


The trip ultimately went very well and very smoothly as our GO Leader made sure to fit everything in without pushing the group. The storm had another positive outcome. The student from Savannah Georgia experienced their first snowball fight, in Central Park!


“Despite a cancelled flight, and missing 10 hours of a 2 day trip, we were able to pack most of it in still. [GO] trip coordinators did a great job. It was a fantastic trip! A whirlwind of 47 hours! Our Go Leader was great! I never once felt stressed or unhappy. The kids had a great time.”


So on your next trip to Washington DC or New York City, Boston, Chicago and Montreal-Quebec, be sure to opt-in to Cancel For Any Reason coverage for your student travelers.


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