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Student Group Meals, Pt. 1

Posted by Stefan Mercier on April 28, 2016


We take great pride at GO Educational Tours in our menu selection for our student group class trip meal plans.


While our travelers may be students, it doesn’t mean all of the meals should be fast food, as we’ve had some teachers tell us from traveling with other operators. In fact, we've always liked good food served fast, but some meals require we take it a little more slowly, like at dinner. Taking time to catch up, chat about the day and enjoying a meal is part of our approach.


Our philosophy is very simple at GO; we put ourselves in your shoes. Our office team experiences the road as GO Leaders - we sit with the teachers and students with you and we take great pride in getting very positive comments on our meals. It may be a few more dollars, but these dollars go to the quality.




Most hotels offer a good variety of hot and cold breakfasts ranging from eggs, meats, pancakes, waffles, (make your own) and oatmeal along with the various bakery items and fruit, fruit salad and yogurts. A key meal, the breakfast start is an important source of energy for a busy day of student travel to Washington DC, New York City, Boston and other famous destinations.




Our lunches is where we are willing to go for a little faster approach and also for convenience as the days can be fairly filled. From box lunches (ordered and customized for each students) at Potbelly or Firehouse Subs delivered to your group, we make sure a healthy sandwich, a side, a fruit and a water is included (hydration is a key element of traveling).


Other options can include student group meal vouchers in some destinations. In Boston at Quincy Market or at the Ronald Reagan building in Washington DC where students can select from a wide variety of restaurant menu options.


Fast lunches are preferred over a sit down option in some cases, as it is more convenient and a little quicker in order to get more of the exploration of the destination. Again, we do emphasize this point, we prefer not going to the large fast food chains and we will select more balanced offerings along with convenience.


Depending on where you are traveling, in some destinations we do use the Old Country Buffet chain also known as Ryan’s in some locales. For example on our Washington DC or Charleston class trips,  we will use the OCB, Ryan’s and Golden Corral as options. They offer a wide range of healthy selections and it does allow for students with pickier habits to choose their preferred meals. They are very accommodating with our groups and the food is very much appreciated and with a buffet style, it goes a little faster, allowing us to schedule the day more effectively.


On Campus Tours, we try to use the College Dining Halls so students can experience life as a college student. From Georgia Tech in Atlanta, which has a great buffet style Caf, to DePaul in Chicago, they have great facilities while giving students a future glimpse of college life.


Ultimately, we do take meals and menu selection seriously. Many companies will select the low cost voucher options for all meals in order to be ‘cheaper’. At GO we will always offer you group meals that are well balanced with nutritious options for you and your students.


In our next post we will talk a little more about our dinners and some of those offerings and menus that we offer throughout our programs.


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