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Student Group Meals, Pt. 2

Posted by Stefan Mercier on May 5, 2016

This is where we like to slow it down a little bit for both the teachers and the students’ benefit. We approach dinner with a more European way - taking time to sit and enjoy the day’s experiences of discovering the destination.


From Washington DC, Atlanta, Charleston, New York City, Chicago, Boston and any other student group destination, we select our meal vendors so you can enjoy a great meal at the end of great day of touring.


We love Buca Di Beppo’s. They’ve been hosting our group for a number of years now in NYC, Washington DC and other destinations. I can never be overly enthusiastic when talking about their menu and staff. They take care of our student groups - they never rush us out and the quality of their meals has been consistently a favorite in our teacher surveys. The menu offers 2 types of salads (garden and caesar), 2 types of pastas (marinara and alfredo sauces) and chicken parmesan all served family style with a brownie or very very large chocolate chip cookie.


We also call on the Pizzeria UNO locations in Boston and DC among their many locations (or DUE in Chicago). They are another great option for our groups. They have an all you can eat deep dish pizza and salad menu. This is always well received by the students and teachers.


Another buffet option in Washington DC is Fresh Kitchen. Located at the Holiday Inn near National Airport, they offer a wide selection of (as the names says) fresh options - including baked Mac N Cheese, pulled pork, veggies and salads for every taste.


Chinese restaurants are also very popular as their menus are well known and most of the time we stick to the popular items: from stir fried veggies and the chicken Lo Mein and Mongolian Beef at Meiwah in Washington DC or the Chicken Cashew or Orange Beef at Jin Fong in New York City. We always keep a Chinese option for our groups.


We love to hear great and positive comments about our menus and restaurant selection. We select our restaurants as if you would for your kids. Join us on your next educational trip. We hope to see you on one of our tours soon.


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