Top Ten Washington DC School Trip Planning Tips

Top Ten Washington DC School Trip Planning Tips

Plan your next affordable school trip for your students. Read our top ten Washington DC school trip planning tips below.

1. Start planning early.

The sooner you know when you want to go the sooner you should set aside your dates with GO. We offer free trip enrollment. You can reserve in the spring and you can start payment in the fall. We also offer you flexible payment schedules too.

2. Get school or district approval.

Make sure to check with your principals to see if the trip needs approval with the district.

3.  Promote the trip

Get the word out in the school with some of our free posters or an evening presentation for the parents..

4. Hold a parent meeting.

We love to host in person meetings when possible. If not we will do a live "virtual" meeting on amazon chime or google meet. We walk you through the trip and then take question and answers.

5. Start fundraising efforts

If you plan in the spring for the next spring students will have the summer to get fundraising sales. This way students will have funds ready for a deposit in the fall.

6. Set your trip objectives

If you have specific objectives, let us know. Civics, history, government or any other aspect you wish to focus on we will make sure to design the trip to optimize these for you.

7. Get your chaperone team together.

8.  Forms

Get parent release forms and any other medical forms from the parents.

9. Set your group size

Lock in your passenger count and room list 60 days before the trip. We try to get the room list to the hotel as soon as possible.

10. Pack well

Finally, have the students pack well. Use our downloadable student trip packing list.

Have a great Washington DC school trip with GO Educational Tours

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