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Volunteering Service on Your School Trip to Costa Rica

Posted by Andrew G on January 9, 2020

Volunteering Service on Your School Trip to Costa Rica


Volunteering and service work is the perfect immersion and learning experience for your and your students on your next school trip to Costa Rica.

Community service

Opportunities to volunteer in Costa Rica range from environmental conservation to construction along with education and healthcare in between. Your students have the opportunity to be deeply immersed in Costa Rican culture. And because they work with the local people they will gain first hand experience with the struggles of a third world country.

Learn more about volunteering in Costa Rica here.


Types of Volunteering

Environmental Conservation - Costa Rica is one of the most environmentally conscious countries in the world. They still have their struggles. Turtle conservationists need your help to protect their dwindling  turtle population. Through this community service activity students will learn how to care for turtle eggs as well as hatch-lings.

Childcare - Costa Rican schools are understaffed and under supplied. Volunteering for the public schools of the country, students will get a sense of fulfillment. They help students that are not all that different from themselves get a quality education.

Healthcare - Healthcare volunteering is generally  for those who are 18 and older given the nature of the field. If you qualify you'll experience the healthcare challenges developing countries face every day. It is a unique and eye opening experience for your students.

Construction - Many Costa Ricans do not have solid homes. They live in shanty towns comprised mostly of metal sheets and tarps. Volunteering time to construction provides these families with much more sustainable housing to improve their quality of life.


What You Can Expect

You and your students can expect a rewarding and eye opening experience that everyone will carry with them for life. The people of Costa Rica are eternally grateful for the time and effort you volunteer. Your students will also be grateful they got to see and do things not many get to say they have.

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