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Washington DC Class Trip Promo

Posted by Stefan Mercier on November 27, 2018

There are many benefits to traveling on your next class trip to Washington DC with your middle or high school students.

You will have an opportunity to enjoy the nation’s capital with less congestion at all the museums and attractions in the city. Student groups on their trip will have easier access to such places as the National Archives, the Supreme Court and other notable government buildings too.

You can actually do more without rushing and even consider including places that are more difficult to see during the busy periods.

The waits at the Smithsonian Museums are shorter and you will be able to navigate with ease throughout the the different museums, especially the national air and space museums.

Venues like the Holocaust Museum are less busy and getting group reservations are easier.

You can also stay closer to the city. Pricing for hotels and most travel vendors will be lower. You and your students will benefit by seeing your class trip price be much lower.

Starting at $333 per student, you can plan your next 3 day and 2 night school tour with your class. This would include motorcoach transportation within 350 miles, a well located hotel within 20 minutes of downtown or less. Six meals and only one voucher meal at the Ronald Reagan building. Both dinners are sit down meals.

Your trip will be hosted by noe of our amazing GO Leaders with you for the whole trip.

You also get 1 FREE student when 49 students pay.

Why wait? Get started and get in touch with one of our Educational Travel Specialists and we’ll help you make this class trip a reality today.

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