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Where History Comes to Life

Posted by contentadmin on October 31, 2016

History comes to life in Washington DC, New York, Chicago, Boston, Montreal, Quebec City and many other destinations. We retrace the steps of the events and people who shaped these cities and countries.  We examine the architecture, the economics, the arts, the languages and culture that have influenced them and bring them to life for the students on their tours.


Challenging the students is one of the most important aspects of our educational tours to Washington DC, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Montreal and Quebec City. Our GO Tour Leaders are chosen from the education departments and part of their training is to complement their knowledge of teaching to apply them to educational travel.


For example, the event of the American Revolution had a dramatic impact on the french language and culture. The loyalist sensing trouble to the south made sure the French would fight alongside the British and the Quebec Act was passed that allowed the french to retain use of their language, religion and law. Today, Quebec Civil Code is the law while common law is applied in the rest of the continent.


When we visit the United Nations in NYC we see  a Foucault’s Pendulum in the entry hall. How does it work and explain that the earth actually rotates on its axis ? Newtonian principles are in full view in front of us.


The Hugenots’ impact on the history of Boston,  the Cradle of Liberty in Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market and Boston Common to Harvard Square all have a past and present to share.


Places, people and concepts are shared explained and presented throughout the tours and of course all of the current events and important past events are presented.


These tours are of course done in a safe and secure environment. Group and individual safety is our primary concern. Making sure the students are safe in their travels, at the accommodations, in transit and their meals.


As you can see we distinguish between :

- year end trips

- general cultural tours

- academic focus where teachers and their students can

- linguistic experiences

- music

- sports

and other activities can be combined to realize your travel objectives.

Much to see and much to do.... on your mark, join us, GO.


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