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Why Montreal is a top school trip destination

Posted by GOEducationalTours on October 28, 2019

Montreal is a top school trip destination to consider

Montreal is a very accessible for student groups. It is a top school trip destination for many teachers. Teachers choose it for many reasons: french language  immersion and exploring the multicultural aspects of the city, enjoy the sites of the old and modern city and more.

Celebrate Winter like  a Montrealer

First we suggest deciding if you wish to go in the winter or spring. The Montreal winter and spring/summer/fall Montreal are very different and not just because of the cold.

Montrealers have mastered the winter months. Taming the long cold months with winter activities. These range from 'Igloo fest' to the 'Snow Festival', Montreal 'Nuits Blanches' and 'Montreal en Lumieres'. Students can enjoy many winter outdoor activities as well as indoor activities. Skating, tobogganing, ice sculpting, snow shoeing and many more are part of the events of the festivities. read more here.

Feel the old and the new

No matter the season you travel to Montreal with your class you can enjoy the sites and attractions of the city. From the Olympic Stadium, the BioDome, Planetarium, the Pointe a Callieres and Science Museums, the Notre-Dame Basilica, the Mont-Royal observatory (to name a few) and the now prominent ferris wheel located in the old city.

Maybe catch a game at the Bell Center where the Montreal Canadiens play or explore the 'underground city' and use its very cool subway. Montreal also has great districts: have a bagel or a smoked meat sandwich in the Jewish part of town, or maybe some souvlaki in the Greek area or egg tarts in the Portuguese neighborhood. Or maybe just have a  famous poutine in the many 'frites' shops of the city.

Unique Architecture

The distinct architecture of the different neighborhoods is also notable. Outdoor stairs a relic of the early 20th century. The granite 3 story walk-ups are a staple of the Montreal urban landscape.

The charms of the this very vibrant city will be enjoyed by your student group. An extremely safe city and fun to explore and discover on foot as well as with the motor coach. Plan yours or consult with our team and we will plan the perfect Montreal school trip for your students no matter what your travel goals are.

Learn more about our tours to Montreal

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