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Benefits of School Trips

Posted by contentadmin on August 11, 2020

Benefits of School Trips

Educational travel has grown exponentially in the last two decades. More and more educators take their students to domestic and international destinations. They understand the benefits of school trips. We love working with dedicated and passionate teachers in the school communities.

Personal Growth

School trips play a big part in a student's academic and personal growth.

Washington DC is always one of the top school trip destinations. It allows students to connect with their history as they write a page of their own. Perhaps it will inspire hem to change it when they see the iconic memorials and monuments.

Imagine how powerful it is for students to stand on the Battlefield of Gettysburg, almost as it was back in 1863. It's a memorable experience even for those of us fortunate to return every year.

Perhaps seeing the hustle and bustle of New York City will leave big impression. Just discovering how efficient and quick the subway is when navigating through Manhattan like a New Yorker is always a great part of any educational tour.

Walking in the streets of Boston on the Freedom Trail and reliving the events that led to the revolution and the Battle of Boston and the cunning tactics of Washington.

Whether in Williamsburg, Montreal, Atlanta, Florida on the space coast or Orlando, (see Our Tour here) each travel experience to these destinations will change your student.

Maturity and confidence.

Seeing and experiencing new environments, dealing with the new challenges of traveling preparation, packing, planning your movements are all part of the joys of travel. Changing our zones of comfort are all part of travel.

Travel gives a competitive advantage to young travelers. Each trip allows them to gain more and more confidence to take on new destinations and making their world a little smaller each time.

The benefits of class trips are well documented. Start planning yours today.

With it's travel, engage, learn and experience

We understand the benefits of school trip. Travel, engage, learn, experience summarizes what we strive for to make all of our trips a special and memorable chapter in your students history.

Start planning today, make your students write their chapter of their history.


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