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Best Ice Cream on New York School Trips

Posted by Jolene Bourgoin on May 11, 2020

Best Ice Cream on New York School Trips

A great way to enjoy the big apple is through the food. And on a hot day, ice cream! Even if you can just visit one of these on your tour can make it that much more special. Here are five great places to have your students go on an ice cream tour, and learn how the flavors are made!

  • Milk Bar

  • Republic of Booza

  • Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

  • Van Leeuwen

  • Soft Swerve

When planning your next school trip to New York, GO can customize and personalize any culinary delight that you may want to visit. Here are a few samples of top ice cream shops we have placed on our NYC student tours

Milk Bar

Milk Bar features one of the newest flavors on the market that swept the nation and really gave Milk Bar its name, Cereal Milk ice cream. This creamy, swirled creation tastes just like the milk at the bottom of your cereal bowl. When adventuring through New York City, be sure to stop at one of the various locations around Manhattan 

Republic of Booza

Visit the Republic of Booza for classic, global, and experimental flavors. Jolene from GO would  recommend the salted oreo flavor. They even have vegan and kosher items for students with that require special dietary items. 

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

At Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, you can order regular flavors, sorbet flavors, and even exotic flavors. Their flavor variety ranges from black sesame to egg custard. A huge range of flavors to try and choose from. 

Van Leeuwen

Serving a full menu of vegan and classic ice creams, housemade vegan chocolate chip cookies, sundaes and milkshakes along with coffee by Partners Coffee, Organic teas by Rishi. A place that has everything you're looking for on your next New York school trip! 

Soft Swerve

Soft Swerve has revolutionized the way people think of soft serve ice cream. In an age where the food industry has made soft serve synonymous with frozen yogurt and ice cream trucks serving plain vanilla and chocolate, Soft Swerve reinvents this nostalgic treat turning it into something both captivating and delicious. 

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