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Best School Trip Company

Posted by GOEducationalTours on September 27, 2020

Best School Trip Company

Choosing the best school trip company is the first step to a memorable travel experience for your students. 

Many factors go into creating a successful educational tour for middle and high school students.

Here are some of the reviews and comments we've received over the years. Some mention our professionalism and others about their experience on the trip. Each organizer has different approach and we adapt to these needs for all our groups.

"GO Education Tours is a great company to work with. They are flexible with the needs of your group as well as take on any stressful situations that occur while you are on the trip...The personalized service is key to us. We know what we are getting when we book with GO Education Tours each time. They work with us to make the trip successful and affordable for our kids."

Sandra in Kentucky mentions,

"I wanted to let you know our trip to DC was fantastic! The students had a great time and [our GO Leader] did an excellent job as our guide, her expertise, professionalism and her impressive historical knowledge were remarkable! She went out of her way to encourage and motivate our students, plus extended respect to each of us. Thank you for your assistance and for allowing us to see Washington DC with you!"

Amy from Connecticut:

"Thanks so much for another great trip!  As always, you and your staff were wonderful and the kids had an amazing experience. 

Thanks for all you do."

Karen from Tampa,

"Every time I think about all of the things you did to make our trip to DC so amazing and memorable, you do something else above and beyond.  Lori and I both agree we would never do any student travel with anyone else because nothing could compare to the experience we had."

Matt from Vermont,

"There is a clear professionalism and excellent service. They were easy to communicate with and helpful in all phases of the trip. Our GO Leader was flexible with timing and used his knowledge of the area to manipulate our schedule effectively. He put pieces in and adjusted times thoughtfully and seamlessly."

As we you can we work very hard at being on e of the best school trip companies with every trip. Passion and dedication  and having a lot of fun is what we do" Travel-Engage-Learn -  Experience.



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