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Boston School Trip To The Plimoth Patuxet

Posted by Forjee Jackson on November 13, 2020

Boston School Trip To The Plimoth Patuxet 

Plimoth Patuext which was formerly known as Plimoth Plantation is located in Massachusetts. It was founded in 1947 and is a living history museum that focuses on colonial life  on the English settlement at Plymouth. It is not your typical museum as there are realistic villages living as the Native Americans did. A visit to the Plimoth Patuext on a school trip to Boston can be educational and provides a different perspective on life for students.

  • 17th Century English Village
  • The Plimoth Grist Mill
  • Mayflower

17th Century English Village

Perhaps the most intriguing and interactive part of the trip is the 17th Century English Village. They have been able to recreate the small farming and fishing community built by the Pilgrims. The community is lined with modern timber framed houses while they furnish mimic those the Pilgrims owned. Aromatic kitchen gardens and heritage breed livestock are also a part of the English Village. To further enhance the experience for students, the “villagers” often speak in detail about their lives in Plymouth Colony. They also share information on their religious beliefs, working life and their life in general. The actors are very intone with portraying rolls as they have adopted typical English Village names. Students visiting Boston have the opportunity of becoming immersed and learning about the daily lives of those in the 17th century.

Students at the Plimoth Patuxet

Students visiting the Plimoth Patuxet

The Plimoth Grist Mill

Corn grinding was essential to the lives of the Pilgrims. The corn mill that stands there today is a replica of the 1636 mill and was completed in 1970. Students will be able to see the mill in action as it is water powered and mills organic corn to make cornmeal. They will learn about the history of the mill and the evolution of corn milling over time. Students will also be able to grind corn themselves using a pestle and mortar. This is a very hands on experience making it an ideal addition to any school trip to Boston.

Video About Plimoth Patuext


Yes, the infamous Mayflower II that brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth in 1620. It has been restored and has now become a historic site. Here students can learn about how it all started and view the Mayflower II. This is sure to leave a lasting impression on students!

Plimoth Patuext is a perfect stop on a school trip to Boston. It allows students to learn in detail about the Pilgrims and their daily lives. The activity is very interactive and engaging as this is a live museum with actors posing as Pilgrims. There are many educational things to do in Boston and Plimoth Patuext was just added to the list!

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