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Chicago STEM Field Trip Ideas

Posted by Zane Anderson on October 1, 2020

Chicago STEM Field Trip Ideas!

Chicago is the third most populous city in America. It offers an excellent opportunity for students to explore and enrich their minds with these Chicago STEM field trip ideas. To help navigate your field trip planning; here are some to-do’s while taking in Chicago’s rich history. Here are the top fives STEM related places to visit while in Chicago

  • Museum of Science & Industry 

  • Adler Planetarium 

  • Argonne National Laboratory 

  • Fermilab 

  • McCormick Bridge Museum & Riverwalk 

Museum of Science & Industry 

The Museum of Science & Industry is a great way to start any STEM field trip to Chicago. They have a giant dome theater so students can watch the most fascinating educational films related to everything scientific. What may be of particular interest to students is the German WWII submarine that has been perfectly preserved and is the only German submarine in the United States. 

Adler Planetarium 

The smallest of the institutions suggested, Adler Planetarium still offers a great STEM field trip opportunity in Chicago. The Adler Planetarium connects people to the universe. The Adler is home to one of the largest and most significant collections of historic scientific instruments in the world. The Adler’s collections also include rare books, manuscripts, archival materials, models, and photographs.

Argonne National Laboratory

Argonne can trace its beginning  from Enrico Fermi’s secret charge — the Manhattan Project — to create the world’s first self-sustaining nuclear reaction. Students will have the chance to learn all about the Chicago Pile-1. Deemed too dangerous to experiment in a major city, the entire operation was moved to nearby Panos Hills. 


Fermilab is committed to developing the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) workforce and stimulating science literacy. It is a staple of Chicago’s dedication to research and development. Like Argonne, Fermilab offers Science Adventures for students, making this another great spot for STEM field trips in Chicago. 

McCormick Bridge Museum & Riverwalk 

The McCormick Bridgehouse & Chicago River Museum celebrates the Chicago River and its world-famous movable bridges. This is an absolute must for STEM field trips, which may not have been expected. 

Students will be entertained and enriched with information after exploring these five STEM institutions in Chicago. Click our link below to plan a Chicago STEM field trip with GO Educational Tours! 


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