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Document Required to Cross the Canadian Border on a Class Trip

Posted by Zane Anderson on November 5, 2020

Document Required to Cross the Canadian Border on a Class Trip

On your next class trip to Montreal, Quebec city or other destinations in Canada it will be important to keep in mind the document required to cross the Canadian border on a class trip

Land Crossings into Canada

All adults traveling to Canada, by bus or train, will need to have a passport or passport card with them. Students will need proof of birth by having with them an original copy of their birth certificate. (Read more here).

Flying to Canada

If the group is traveling by air to Canada all passengers adults and students minors will be required to have a passport for the border crossing.

It is important to check at all times to make sure of these requirements before traveling at the following links that you will see below.

Passport regulations can change and it is the responsibility of all the travelers to confirm those requirements before departing on their trip. If you have any questions please ask your GO team and they will make sure defined the most updated information for you.

Passenger Manifest

It is also very useful to keep a passenger manifest for any border crossing. Teachers can generate a passenger report from the tanGO trip portal. This will make it easier for the border crossing officer to check the names on the list with the identification that is provided. The more information made available to the officer the easier and faster the border crossing will be. See our blog on border crossing tips before your next trip to Canada.

Preparation and being informed is the best thing for all passengers. Getting your passport is a right of passage - it will open the doors to international travel in the future. Get yours now and it will be with you for a decade and you can chronicle your future travels in the document.

Children under 16 traveling to Canada and back into the USA.

Get your passport- Click Here

Canadian Border service Agency: Click Here

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