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Everything You Need To Know About George Washington Before Your School Trip To Washington, D.C.

Posted by Andrew G on February 25, 2020

Everything You Need To Know About George Washington Before Your School Trip To Washington, D.C.

George Washington’s deep history is often overshadowed by the fact that he was the first president of The United States. Here is everything you need to know about the politician, general, and Founding Father.

Revolutionary Period

June 14th, 1775, was the date the Second Continental Congress decided to appoint George Washington as commander of the new Continental Army. He was chosen as the congress wanted one of its own members to lead and Washington had the most military experience. The move was also for political gain as the army was comprised mostly of New Englanders, Washington was from Virginia, therefore leading the army was a way to campaign in a sense. It was not until 1781 that Washington was able to return to Mount Vernon while the combined forces made their way down to Yorktown, Virginia.

The Residence Act

The Residence Act of 1790, known officially as an act for establishing the temporary and permanent seat of the government of the United States. This act was signed into law by George Washington during his presidency.  This act designated Washington D.C. was the permanent capital of the US as well as Philadelphia as the temporary of the US for ten years.


George Washington began his presidency April 30, 1789, serving two terms concluding on March 4th, 1797. Here are some interesting facts about his presidency…

  • Washington is the only president to not have stayed in the White House, instead he stayed in New York and Philadelphia.  
  • Washington’s second inaugural speech is the shortest in history.
  • George Washington is responsible for the tradition of cabinet advisers that we will use today.
  • Washington also set precedents for the social life of the president.

Post Presidency

George Washington was only alive for two years after ending his presidency. He spent most of his time restoring Mount Vernon to its original glory. However, he was called back as commander of the American Army, soon after he insisted command be given to Alexander Hamilton as his age was catching up with him.

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