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Fun Facts About The White House For Your Next Washington, D.C. School Trip 

Posted by Zane Anderson on November 24, 2020

Fun Facts About The White House For Your Next Washington, D.C. School Trip 

Everyone knows what the White House is and who lives there, what people don’t know are these facts about the President’s home. Keep reading for some fun facts about the White House for your next Washington, D.C. school trip

Why The White House Is White...

The White House got its color back in 1814, when British forces burned down government buildings including the White House, in retaliation for US soldiers burning down British buildings in Ontario. To hide the damages, buildings were white washed and have remained white since. It takes over 500 gallons of paint to cover the exterior.

Not Everything is Free... 

While it is a popular belief that that president of the US does everything for free, they actually pay for many things out of pocket. The president is responsible for the payment of their own dry cleaning,  meals in and out of the White House, staff parties, hair and makeup, and transportation. It is said that many presidents have left office in debt. Bill Clinton for example left with debt totaling over 2 million.

The Most Interesting Rooms...

The White House boasts 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, and six levels. In addition there are 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces, eight staircases, and three elevators. What could be occupying all these rooms? It is mostly offices and such however, the White house does have its own tennis court, track, pools, theater, bowling alley, dentist, music room, chocolate shop, and florist.

It gets pranked...

While the majority of departing president leave peacefully, there have been some that made sure to leave their mark. The most notable being Bill Clinton, it is said that the Clinton administration upon leaving cause around $20,000 worth of damage to the White House. How? The "w" keys were stolen from keyboards and taped to walls, doorknobs were removed, goo was put on the undersides of desks, and phone lines were re-routed meaning calls never went to the right phone.

When planning a trip to the White House, make sure to make a formal request with your local representative first. 

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