Fundraising Ideas For School Trips

Fundraising Ideas For School Trips

Fundraising Ideas For School Trips

Student travel is important to us. We involved ourselves with the industry because we valued its significance to a student’s learning curriculum. You can check out a few of our Reasons to Consider a Class Trip, but of course, the experience comes at a cost.

 At GO, we don’t offer kickbacks. We minimize the cost of a quality class trip because of the students. We do our best to maintain an affordable trip cost for the students. Still, we recognize that traveling is a privilege. It’s not a luxury all can afford, however, there are many schools who choose to fundraise the funds for class trips and do so annually. 


Here are our best tips for fundraising your class trip! 

  • Establish Goals

  • Promotion

  • Supervise the Progress 


Select a Fundraiser and Establish Goals 

To start, it is important to gauge your community. What works for other schools may not work for you! 

Determine if the fundraiser is intended to finance the entire trip, or offset a portion of the student’s trip cost per person. Determine how involved your parents and the students themselves,  will be in the fundraiser. The greater community involvement in a fundraiser, the more creative and experimental you can be! This will also help you determine how plausible and profitable a one-time event will be versus a weekly fundraising sequence. All these factors will contribute to the overall success of your fundraising goals. 

Next is to establish a time frame. Please be generous with your time. Plan as far ahead as possible so you don’t feel overwhelmed with tight time constraints. 


Promotion! Promotion!

The general theme of our listing is preparedness, simply because it’s true. It’s best to be prepared. Before you decide to even host a meeting to initiate the fundraiser, draft an outline of your marketing strategies. Of course, marketing techniques will differ depending on if the fundraiser is a one-time event or a multi-week ordeal.  If you aren’t the most creative, this can grant you enough time within your hectic schedule to draft and design all the flyers, e-cards and posts, and schedule their distribution to your community. Do not forget about digitized marketing tools. Social media is your friend-- take advantage! 

Certainly encourage participants to share any suggestions they may have, but have some ideas premeditated. Overall, this will prompt a more organized sequence of events.


Supervise the Progress and Provide Check-Ins 

Within your fundraising campaign, there needs to be a supervisor; a leader. In close relation to your marketing tactics, pre-scheduled, be sure to log your goals and periodically check in with your participants. This is simply to ensure your financial targets are being met. If not, this can welcome opportunities to expedite or revise your marketing techniques or call for an impromptu meeting to discuss back-up plans. Also, this facilitates your conversations with your Travel Specialist about where your group stands with your trip deposits and such. 

Our intention is not to undermine the challenges schools and organizations face when attempting to fundraise a class trip. It can be frustrating and overwhelming, but we are very accommodating and understanding of the economic circumstances that prohibit students to afford a trip. When in doubt, reach out to a Travel Specialist to discuss your options. We’ve had a number of success stories over the past few years, and we’d be privileged with the opportunity to travel with you, too! 


By: Sarah Hessasta