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Planning an HBCU College Campus Tour Trip

Posted by GOEducationalTours on October 11, 2019

Planning an HBCU College Campus Tour Trip

HBCU College Campus Tours are an important step for all future college students. Once students have set their sites on their major, choosing the right college is the next step. "[HBCU's] are an important space for the fight for civil rights and equality" wrote Melissa E Wooten, University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2015.

Seeing and understanding the ones you are interested will play a critical part of the academic chapter of your student's lives and beyond. Plan an HBCU college campus tour to help your students prepare.

See and Compare

This is where students will spend four years taking classes and forging lifelong friendships. Making sure the school is a fit is important. Not all colleges are the same. There are urban schools within a city, suburban schools and then schools campuses that are in some cases their own towns. Each of us have different temperaments. Not all these types of schools are the right fit. Seeing and feeling the campus is important.

Article from Columbia College in Chicago

The admissions process can be daunting. This is a great opportunity for all students to get more details on how to successfully navigate the process, Does the school have a high retention rate? Does it have a high hiring rate out of school? Use our College Campus Tours Check worksheet to help you in your journey.

Plan and Prepare

Download our College Campus Tour worksheet.

Admissions teams highlight how important college campus tours are. From getting a feel for the campus to the academic side. One school may have all of the academics you wish but the environment may not be for you.

Meet some students and get their feedback on their experience at the school.(Read more here!) 

Getting the information students need to make this big decision. From the student population to the application process. Get the deadlines for early action or early decision. What are their requirements? Get more contact information from the admissions team and they'll be a good source to further assist you after you leave.

Check out the HBCU school list here and plan your next HBCU College Campus Tours with GO. We can customize your trip and coordinate with admissions , set-up the tour and get your dining hall passes for lunch or dinner on campus.

View Our HBCU College Tour Itineraries! 

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