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High School Trips to Italy Planning Tips

Posted by GOEducationalTours on July 31, 2020


High School Trip to Italy Planning Tips

Want to experience Italy? Here are some high school trip to Italy planning tips for you.

Best ways to get around

Getting around Italy is fairly easy. You can consider using comfortable motor coaches or the train. The train is great for smaller groups and you can save on transportation costs. We'll recommend hotels closer to the train stations so you can walk over when you arrive.

Traveling by coach offers more flexibility. The train is a great experience too and more tailored to smaller groups.

Where to stay

We prefer city center hotels. Getting around by foot or public transit (like the subway in Rome) in some of the cities is the best strategy.

When to go?

Seasonality will have an impact on trip pricing. Spring dates can get hectic around Easter and as we get closer to the summer dates.

Off-season travel has many benefits as you will have less crowds, easier access to sites and locations and lower pricing.

The best time to go to Italy? Fall is great as the weather is cooler. So is March. If you pick wisely there are some savings to be made.

Your school trip budget will drive the length of the trip and so will the size of the group. Smaller groups will be a little higher in pricing but the team at GO works to keep the cost down with some creative planning.

We do not school match. In many cases objectives can be different from school to school and so we prefer you enjoy your school trip with your students as a unit.

Customize your trip

Build your trip your way. We really mean it. Choose your dates, passenger numbers and the cities and locations you wish to see and we will plan you school trip to Italy for your students at the best price.

Read more here on how to plan a trip here.

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