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Middle School Sustainability Field Trips

Posted by Jolene Bourgoin on March 24, 2020

Middle School Sustainability Field Trips 

Sustainability Practices For New York City 

"Rethink, Reuse, Reduce, Recycle", a common phrase used to teach our population to be more sustainable. On your next middle school sustainability field trip, visit destinations that play a role in saving the earth. In this day and age, we all know it is important to do your part to take care of the Earth. Here are some sustainability practices that are great for students to uphold during their field trip.  

Waste Reduction

Want to show your class or green team where the metal, glass, plastic, and cartons recycled in NYC are sent? Students will get a tour of the brand new Sims Municipal Recycling facility in Sunset Park, Brooklyn! Seeing is believing, and your students won’t forget this incredible experience. This will show students how they can reduce what they produce.

Reusable Water Bottles

Bring your student on a field trip to the local landfill or a nearby creek. Seeing the trash can help convince your students to help stop waste. Have your students also bring a reusable water bottle on the field trip to avoid bringing plastic water bottles. This is a great way to get students involved in the community!

Foot Transportation/ Public Transportation

An important part of trying to have sustainable field trips is of course the transportation. Walking reduces the amount of fuels going into the air as well as using public Transportation. Of course this would mean the subways in NYC. This also means that the trip can save on money because there wouldn’t be excess transportation. 


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