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Misconceptions About NYC School Trips: Confirmed or Debunked 

Sarah Hessasta
Posted by Sarah Hessasta on August 17, 2020

Misconceptions About NYC School Trips: Confirmed or Debunked 


New York is a globally renowned destination for tourists alike. You may have even dreamt about visiting the city yourself! Of course, we understand there may be some setbacks that have prevented you from considering a class trip to NYC with your students. New York is definitely not suitable for all travelers, but to determine if it’s appropriate for your students, let’s examine some common presumptions or misconceptions about NYC school trips!


It’s Too Crowded

Well, the city has a population of about 8.5 million people so yes, you can expect to see quite a few people down every street and around every corner. The best way to doge the largest crowds is to travel during “off-season”. The city is pretty populated without the herds of tourists, so consider a trip in October/November or January-March! Safety is ALWAYS one of GO Educational Tours top priorities for any school traveling to New York City. 


Students at "School of Rock" broadway show with GO Educational Tours.Students from Utah with GO Educational Tours in New York City watching the hit broadway show, "School of Rock". 


Subways are a Hassle 

All the boroughs of NYC together are a little less than 13.5 miles. It’s pretty expansive. It would be nearly impossible to visit all five boroughs of the foot alone. The city is pretty compact so traffic is no joke. A Motorcoach will restrict the number of places you can visit in a day because it will take the coach a lot longer to travel somewhere a group could use public transit for. Taking the subway is also the most economical option when traveling to the city on your next NYC school trip.


We have had hundreds of groups rely solely on the subway during their trip, and we have had others utilize it for one singular ride. If you choose to include one of our GO Leaders on your trip, they emphasize safety before every ride, every time. Plus, they lead the group to the exact subway routes you need and handle the subway passes so you can focus on the students. Plus, did you really even visit New York if you didn’t experience the subway? 


It’s Dangerous

The most universally accepted preconception about the city is that it is too unsafe for students. Of course, one has to be mindful of the age group traveling, but middle and high school students are absolutely fine. I personally don’t find New York City to be any more dangerous than Washington D.C., Philadelphia or Chicago. We travel as a group and rarely ever allow the students to wander off alone. Our students are always provided GO safety bracelets, and the most popular attractions are situated in bustling, well-lit areas of the city. 




Introducing first-time travelers to New York City is such a treat. It’s an opportunity to expose students to a bold and thrilling city environment. This may be the first and only chance for a student to visit. Some may dream of attending college in the city, or making a leap of faith and relocating post-graduation. There are countless things to do and see and we can assure you that your students will be safe. Reach out to a Travel Specialist today to discuss your potential trip to New York!


By: Sarah Hessasta, Former Travel Specialist 

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