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Outdoor Attractions For A School Trip To Washington, D.C.

Posted by GOEducationalTours on July 20, 2020

Outdoor Attractions For A School Trip To Washington, D.C.


COVID-19 presents new challenges and obstacles for any school trip, to any destination around the globe. 

There are many questions being asked about how a school trip can be planned to avoid or minimize the risks of COVID-19. First and foremost, any trip planning will be contingent on the CDC guidance of any state or city rules allowing for travel.

Our school trip itineraries and programs will focus on staying outdoors, as much as possible. This is a great opportunity for students to spend a longer length of time exploring and interacting with the sites and attractions selected. This is perfect for a destination such as Washington, District of Columbia! 

For the safety of our passengers, we will allocate more time for sanitary breaks. This includes hand sanitizer on board all motorcoaches, and meals that will feature customized takeaway boxes with dietary requirement options. Wearing masks will be critical until any guidance is removed from the selected attractions.

We have designed a two-day itinerary Washington, D.C. school trip itinerary to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 situation until a vaccine comes forward.

Below you will find some of our itineraries main highlights for our Washington, D.C. COVID-19-Friendly School Trip: 

Monuments and Memorial Outdoor Walking Exploration 

When visiting the Monuments and Memorials in Washington, D.C. on your next school trip, students can utilize our GO Travel Scholars activities. These activities are designed for students to spend more time with the monuments and memorials while teaching and interacting in presentations with their classmates. 

A few of the monuments and memorials students will see on their school trip are Washington Monument, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, and much more. 

All within the same geographic area, a guided walking tour starts at the Washington Monument. Dedicated to our first President, George Washington, and standing at a marvelous height of 555 ⅛ inches tall, still today the tallest stone masonry building in the world. Shaped in the form of an obelisk, students will discover why the ratchet chose the design of an Egyptian symbol. 

The history of the “I have a dream..” speech, the alignment of the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and the sacrifices made during the great war of World War 2 are lessons all introduced to students on their exploration of Monuments and Memorials.

Arlington National Cemetery 

A guided outdoor walking tour begins at the visitor center of Arlington National Cemetery. Here, students on school trips have an opportunity to walk through United States heroic cemetery and view the most striking and memorable ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns. 

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is dedicated to the first unknown of World War 1. Three more unknowns would later be buried here and honored. A unique story of the unknown Vietnam War,  would later be identified by DNA and the remains of Michael Blassie would be returned to his family in Missouri. This tomb now remains empty for generations to come. (You can also find his name on the Vietnam Veteran War Memorial.)

Students will witness the sentinels patrolling the Tomb of The Unknown Soldier. They view the memorable 21 steps and 21-second stops meant to honor the 21 gun salute. The soldiers are immaculately dressed as the changing of the guard ceremony happens on every half-hour in the summer and hour in fall and winter.

Watch here the ceremony of the Changing of the Guard!

George Washington’s Mount Vernon

A visit to Washington, D.C. on your next school trip is not complete without an adventure to George Washington’s Estate Mount Vernon. Students will discover George and Martha Washington’s home and final resting place. 

The original house was much smaller than students see today, as it was expanded by the Washington family over the years. Students can view the home up close and see the rustication approach the family took for decor. Rustication means the pine board would be painted with sand to make them look like expensive stone. 

Learn more about the Washington family’s rustication!

The grounds are expansive and there are many buildings outdoors to explore. Students will also get to see the final resting place of our first President who died in the estate in December of 1799.


Check out our two day COVID-19 Friendly Washington, D.C school trip itinerary: 

Download 2 Day Itinerary


Call our team today to discuss pricing: 855-446-8687! 


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