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Norway Class Trip Bucket List

Posted by Michaela Ruffino on March 24, 2020

Norway Class Trip Bucket List 


Three cities, Three attractions for your Norway Class Trip Bucket List 

Norway has many inviting cities for class trips to explore. Check out three attractions and cities we recommend on your next class trip to Norway! 

  • Oslo, Norway: Viking Ship Museum 
  • Aurland, Norway; Stegastein Viewpoint 
  • Bergen, Norway; Fløibanen Funicular

Oslo, Norway; Viking Ship Museum

On your next class trip to Norway, be sure to make a stop at some of the world’s best preserved viking ships! These wood carved ships that archeologists unearthed are famous vessels from the ocean during the Viking Age. Students will discover on their class trip the objects and artifacts from ships including; The Oseberg Viking Ship, The Gokstad Viking Ship and The Tune Viking Ship.


Aurland, Norway; Stegastein Viewpoint

A scenic overlook designed and completed in 2006. On your next class trip to Norway, students will adventure 650 meters above Aurlandsfjord for a spectacular view. Jutting out 30 meters from the mountainside, mountains and the fjord shimmer. Transportation from Flam to this location is required on your next class trip to Norway with GO!


Bergen, Norway; Fløibanen Funicular

Join your GO Leader on your next class trip to Norway, with a trip to the top of Mount Fløyen! Students will discover a troll forest walk with many nature trails. The funicular takes approximately six minutes to journey to the top! Hint: On your next class trip to Norway, take an amazing panoramic group shot on top of Mount Fløyen!

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