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Presidential Inauguration School Trips

Posted by GOEducationalTours on August 17, 2020

Presidential Inauguration School Trips


This event dates back to the very foundation of our country.  It is defined in our constitution and links us to the very beginnings of our history. It is a legacy of our first President, George Washington. Presidential Inauguration school trips give student groups a memorable experience they will never forget.


  1. Witness a chapter of American history
  2. Up close to Democracy 
  3. Increase their understanding of U.S. government and civics
  4. Have the opportunity to visit Washington, DC
  5. Meet their Senator or Congressperson at the Capitol


Reason 1 - Witness history

It's an undeniable event at the heart of our democracy; the peaceful exchange of power between a current  President and the  President elect. There is a moment where one surrenders the powers of the office to the next. Seeing this in person is quite a moment. There have only been 58  others prior to the next Presidential inauguration in 2021.


Reason 2 - See democracy at work

Democracy can be very intangible when reading a book. Being at the ceremony will have students be part of a profound historical moment and have a chance to reflect on its meaning. Perhaps some may be inspired to become President or a Senator or Congressperson.


Reason 3  - Increase their understanding of civics and history

Beyond the history books they read and study in class, students will now have a chance to say they were in Washington DC when a new President took the ‘Oath of Office’. The constitution is our highest document and we have now 


Reason 4 - Exploring Washington DC

Before and after the Inauguration is a great opportunity for your middle or high school student group to discover our nation’s capital. From the iconic buildings: the Capitol, the WhiteHouse and Supreme court to the museums and Arlington National cemetery.

Reason 5 - Meet their Congressperson or Senator

As you plan your trip to the Inauguration you can make sure to add a meet and greet with your Congressperson or Senator. It’s a great opportunity for students to ask questions about their job in Washington DC.


These are great opportunities for student groups and teachers to dig deeper into civics and this allows for students to gain a greater understanding of our government institutions.


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