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Quebec City School Trip Itinerary

Posted by Forjee Jackson on October 30, 2020

Quebec City School Trip Itinerary

A typical Quebec City school trip itinerary with your student group will take you to many of the important sites marking North American History. Our Quebec school trips are typically four days long and packed with a variety of attractions and things to do. 

Day 1  - Upper & Lower Town Orientation

There's no better way to get acquainted with the city than to walk the charming streets. Here exploring the city by foot is the best way. The trip beginnings with a guided tour of Upper & Lower Town. On rue St.Louis you will see a once buried cannonball trapped in the roots of an old tree. Many stories and legends will be told about the cannonball. Place-Royale is another essential site while on your school trip to Quebec. The day ends with a group dinner at la Vielle Maison du Spaghetti.

Day 2 - Upper & Lower Town

Day two is spent Upper & Lower Town even further by visiting The Musée de la Civilisation . See the Chateau Fronteac where the magnificent hotel will be discussed in detail. . During Frontenac's time as governor, it was the site of the Chateau St.Louis . Today, most notably known as the site of famous Chateau Frontenac.  Students will also be ablt to re-enact the Battle of the Plains of Abraham between Wolfe and Montcalm. This pivotal battle would eventually determine the course of North America history. Day 2 of the Quebec concludes with a ghost tour of Upper & Lower Town and dinner at L'Academie for the group.


Day 3 - Sugar Shack, Montmorency Falls & the Beaupre Coast

Students will visit Musee du Fort where they will learn about The French Indian "7 Years" War. Take a drive and the the Montmorency falls, higher than Niagara.  Then onto the Beaupre coast to explore the agricultural legacy of the feudal 'seigneurial' system. Long tracts of land with access to water for irrigation and working animals. This Quebec school trip also involves a stop at the Copper Art Museum and the atelier Paré to hear the legends of French-Canada.  In addition, on this day students can enjoy lunch at Sugar Shack which serves typical French-Canadian food.

Day 4 - La Citadelle and The Fortifications

The tour of La Citadelle will be a guided tour as students will have the opportunity to learn about the military, government and politics as it relates to Quebec. On Day 4, studetns will also learn more about the Fortifications of the city at Artillerie Park.

There are many other options to add to your program. In short, there are many variations you can do to your Quebec City school trip itinerary. See one of our programs here. Build your trip your way with GO!


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