Quebec City School Trip Itinerary

Quebec City School Trip Itinerary

Quebec City School Trip Itinerary


A typical Quebec City school trip itinerary with your student group will take you to many of the important sites marking North American History.

Day 1  - Upper and Lower Town Orientation

There's no better way to get acquainted with the city than to walk the charming streets. Here exploring the city by foot is the best way. On rue St.Louis you will see a once buried cannonball trapped in the roots of an old tree. Many stories and legends will be told about the cannonball.

See Champlain's statue honoring the founder of the city going back to 1608. During Frontenac's time as governor, it was the site of the Chateau St.Louis  Today, most notably, is the site of famous Chateau Frontenac. 


Day 2 - The Fortifications and La Citadelle

The only city in North America with its original walls. Your students will learn more about them and also the Citadelle built by the English. Quebec City was an important strategic point on the St.Lawrence River. Holding the city meant control of all trade and access to the Great Lakes.

Re-enact the Battle of the Plains of Abraham between Wolfe and Montcalm. This pivotal battle would eventually determine the course of North America history.

Day 3 - Montmorency Falls & the Beaupre Coast

Take a drive and the the falls, higher than Niagara.  Then onto the Beaupre coast to explore the agricultural legacy of the feudal 'seigneurial' system. Long tracts of land with access to water for irrigation and working animals.

In addition, on this night you can plan a nice dress-up dinner at Aux Anciens Canadiens and feast on typical french Canadian fare.

Day 4 - National Assembly 

Seat of the provincial government the building houses the house of parliament.  Your students will learn more about the system of government.

There are many other options to add to your program. A ghost tour, the Musee du Fort, Artillerie Park and the Musee the la Civilisation. Perhpas even a dinner dance cruise on the St.Lawrence to cap off your trip with your students.

In short, there are many variations you can do to your Quebec City school trip itinerary. See one of our programs here. Build your trip your way with GO. 

Every trip starts with GO.