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San Francisco School Trip Planner

Sarah Hessasta
Posted by Sarah Hessasta on August 14, 2020

San Francisco School Trip Planner

Have your students dreamed of visiting San Francisco, California on a school trip? From the iconic landmarks, to a STEM/STEAM focus, and day trips to surrounding destinations...San Francisco, California is perfect for a school trip. 

Here are some essential themes you should think of adding to your itinerary: 

Iconic Landmarks

San Francisco is a bucket list staple for many people, I’m sure. Everyone dreams of the opportunity to snap an ultra-Instagrammable photo in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, Pier 39 and Chinatown. It’s a destination everyone is familiar with, and there won’t be a shortage of eager students counting down the days to departure. If Alcatraz is on your schedule, we will make sure to book the passage early in the process.


Two words; Silicon Valley. If you have students engrossed in STEM/STEAM related industries and careers, then you have to prioritize a visit to San Francisco. Check out our pre-design STEM/STEAM itinerary to the city, but just to be in the presence of tech moguls is enough to inspire your students to prepare and jump start their dreams. Visualization and perspective are major keys to manifestation. 

Day Trips

You have the power to customize the ideal trip for your students, so perhaps you want to tack on a day trip to a nearby area! Depending on the age group of your students, you may be interested in an excursion to Muir Woods or the Yosemite. Or, maybe you want to elongate your trip and include a few days in Los Angeles! You’re already on the golden coast, so you might as well take full advantage!

Our San Francisco school trip planner is an essential document to guide your through all the steps of planning a memorable school trip for your student.


View our San Francisco School Trips Here!

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