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School Trip Tips

Posted by contentadmin on April 14, 2020


School Trips Tips; Stay hydrated

One thing that is guaranteed on your school trip: you will see a lot of amazing places. Each day is filled  with exceptional activities that stimulate learning, engage and motivate students. On a school trip we are on the move all day. It is vital for every students to keep him or herself well hydrated. Staying Hydrated on your school trip is key.


In a city such as New York where the most efficient travel medium is commonly by foot. Walking is sometimes the fasted way to get around. In a world saturated with video games, smartphone apps and technology fueled entertainment, this amount of exercise could be something of a foreign activity for students. To stay strong, alert and engaged in the happenings of the class trip, drinking water and snacking on protein filled snacks is very important.

Good Nutrition and stay hydrated

How often do you hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? IT IS! And especially before a long day of experiencing a new destination. Your hotel most likely provides an unlimited buffet breakfast. Take advantage of it! Stock up on protein rich food and carbs to prepare yourself for the day ahead. Also drink lots of fluids! Water and juice will be your best friends on your school tour.

You will always see your GO Leader sporting a backpack, usually packed with snacks and plenty of water. Every morning before leaving the hotel be sure to grab granola bars, mixed nuts, pretzels, a piece of fruit or two, water, more water, and if you are unsure, even MORE water. The water will be even more essential on the late spring and summer days especially in cities such as Washington DC, Charleston and Atlanta that experience above 100 degree days accompanied with high humidity percentages.

Choose the right liquids and snacks

Keep in mind that as you walk, sweat and tour, you are burning lots of calories and losing water. It may seem unnecessary to be drinking lots of water in between meals and snacking a bit, but in reality it will be nourishing your body. As delicious as soda is, remember that it dehydrates you more. Maybe sub out that cola at lunch for a bottle of spring water or juice to combat dehydration.

If you start to feel dizzy, overheated or tired, it is likely you are experiencing dehydration. Take some time to sit in the shade, have some water and a piece of fruit. Make sure to also keep an eye out for fellow classmates. If someone around you looks unwell, let a chaperon or your GO Leader know. Staying hydrated and fueled is a big part of keeping students safe on their class trips. Be smart and safe; stay hydrated!

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