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Steps To Planning Your Next Educational Tour

Posted by Michaela Ruffino on January 2, 2020

Steps to Planning Your Next Educational Tour

When organizing an educational tour to your desired destination, planning may seem daunting. From first time planners and seasoned travelers, GO Educational Tours makes planning easy! Travel with a peace of mind and be sure your students will have a safe and engaging educational travel experience!

At GO Educational Tours, we consider ourselves a 'smaller' company. With a dedicated team trained in the travel tourism industry, our main goal is to ensure a memorable educational all-inclusive tour for our groups. 

If you are an experienced traveler and organizer whom already knows the trip you want, we will put your plans together fast and efficiently to meet your desired objectives.

Should it be your first experience organizing a class trip, field trip or educational tour we will be with you for every step building the exact experience educational tour you are looking for. 

Steps to planning your next educational tour: 

  1. Determine your travel objectives

  2. Choose the destination or destinations that best meet these objectives

  3. Pick your travel dates (Please have alternative dates!) 

  4. How many students will participate? How many teachers?

  5. Do you wish to have parents join the trip?

  6. Next, our team of travel specialists customize and personalize a sample trip proposal and itinerary for our trip organizers. We offer an array of destinations, attractions, meals and more for our educational tours itineraries. 

  7. Sample trip proposal and Itinerary, provided by our team

  8. Love the trip? Want to book it? Great! We will provide all paperwork before agreeing to the terms and conditions. Want to make changes? We'd love to help! 

  9. Next, we offer an optional parent night! (We 'zoom' call in and talk all about the trip! 

  10. Start FREE Enrollment on our portal. When you reach your desired passenger target amount, we start deposits and payments towards the trip. 

  11. Next, our team works to plan and execute your educational tour! Our customer service leader will stay in touch with your regarding your trip milestones. For example, due dates for payments, rooming list and more. 

  12. Travel on your educational tour! 


At GO Educational Tours, we are happy to help you with the steps to planning your next educational tour. From Washington, D.C, to Norway, GO Educational Tours offers customized and personalized itineraries for any and all trip organizers. 

Plan my next adventure!

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