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Student Trip to Italy

Posted by Jack on August 9, 2021

Student Trip to Italy


With the whole world to explore, it may be difficult choosing a place to visit as a student. However, with its immense historical value, beautiful scenery, and diverse culture, there are few countries that will be more fulfilling to travel. I would really recommend a student trip to Italy with your school. 


As a student, you’re used to learning. And there is no shortage of learning material in Italy. As the site of the Roman Empire, Italy is one of the most historically significant countries in the world. In Rome, you can visit Palpatine Hill, which is the oldest part of the city. This area is considered the nucleus of the Roman Empire. Here, is where Rome’s first emperor, Augustus, lived. Nearby is the iconic Colosseum which seated up to 50,000 people. Right next to Rome is the smallest country in the world, Vatican City. The Vatican is home to the Pope and brilliant Byzantine architecture. As the burial site of the first Pope, St. Peter, the Vatican is also of great religious value. As you travel around Rome’s historical ruins, you will certainly learn a lot about the Roman empire and how it has molded western civilization today. 


While Italy is home to wondrous works of architecture, there are also many natural landscapes that are perfect for relaxation. Visit Cinque Terre or the Amalfi coast, which are sure to amaze with their colorful cliffs, clear waters, and unique coastline. 


Although Italy is not gigantic in size, its culture and history differs depending on the part of the country. Visit Venice in the north east region of the country to see a city covered in canals, without a car in sight. Just gondolas, and there are only 400 of them! Or tour Milan and see a more typical European city where fashion is highly regarded. Travel to the southern part of Italy for a more rural landscape, where ancient architecture has more Greek influence. These and many other aspects make this destination a special one for a young traveler.


As a student, Italy is the perfect destination for a trip. You will certainly learn about its important history and enjoy its beautiful landscapes. As you indulge in the different cultures throughout the country, you are sure to not only enjoy your time spent in Italy, but to learn a lot from the country as well on your student trip to Italy.


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