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Surfing Classes on your Costa Rica School Trip

Posted by Michaela Ruffino on October 27, 2020

Surfing Classes on your Costa Rica School Trip

Costa Rica offers some of the best year-round surfing for all skill levels. Your students will have the experience of a lifetime soaking up the sun and catching warm water waves at some of the most stunning beaches. If you are planning a Costa Rica school trip with GO here are some tips.

Best Surf Town on your Costa Rica school trip

Choosing a surf town over a surf “spot” will greatly impact the convenience on your school trip. Towns such as Tamarindo, are known for their surf as well as friendliness towards tourists. Tamarindo has proven itself as a destination that is safe, easy to get to, and hosts a number of places to eat.

Choosing a Surf School

Costa Rica, being the international surf hub that it is, has surf schools lined up on every street. You will have the option to go with a big name schools such as Witches Rock Surf Camp, or smaller locally owned schools who can provide the same experience to your students. However, the smaller schools may not be able to accommodate large groups. 

What You Can Expect

In Costa Rica, surfing is essentially part of the culture. You can expect all instructors used on your school trip to have extensive knowledge of the sport itself and how to teach it in a fun and equally safe manner. Your instructor will know the best place on the beach to bring your students to conduct the most effective lesson that will generally last between one and two hours. 

Your students will get a unique experience that only so many destinations in the world can offer. Not only will they appreciate being active outside of a classroom, they will learn about Costa Rica’s deep cultural roots in the world of surfing and take home memories that will last a lifetime, maybe even the love for a new hobby.

Surfing requires use of the entire body so expect your students to be tired and thirsty after their lesson. Ask your instructor where to go to get an authentic Costa Rican meal on your next Costa Rica school trip.

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