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Top Attractions For Your School Trip to NYC

Posted by Andrew G on January 9, 2020

Top Attractions For Your School Trip to New York City

New York City can be a challenging to some visiting on their own, let alone with dozens of excited kids. These three attractions will help relieve some stress while still providing an authentic New York City experience your students will not forget.

This concrete jungle is home to more attractions than most might realize, here are our top attractions for your next school trip to NYC

Empire State Building

One of the first things to come to mind when asking anybody about what New York City means to them is the Empire State Building. This building is the third tallest in the city and hosts and observation deck on the 102nd floor that is sure to amaze your students. The observatory is open for both sunrise and sunset meaning it is a flexible attraction to visit, adding to the must see factor for your school trip to NYC. Did you know when it was built in 1933 they thought it would be used as an airport for...airships!

More info about the observatory.


Central Park

Central Park, the city’s largest park, is a hub for street performers, athletes, tourists, locals, anybody you can imagine. The reason for that is the park is one of a kind, a way to find peace in the hustle of the big city. The park is free to enter and has loads of free entertainment for your students to take in and enjoy.

Central Parks Website.


Big Bus Through Times Square

A big bus tour through Times Square is the perfect way to see the heart of the city without the stresses of walking through with large groups. You can get your students on the top deck if weather permits and they will take care of themselves while seeing one of New York’s top attractions.

Info on Big Bus Tours.




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