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Top cities for a high school trip to Italy 

Posted by Jolene Bourgoin on May 4, 2020

Top cities for a high school trip to Italy 

GO invites our trip organizers to learn more about a few of the top cities we suggest for a high school trip to Italy! Depending on your departure location, Italy is just a few international plane rides away from your school! GO Educational Tours can customize and personalize your high school class trip to Italy.

Below are just a few of our top cities in Italy that travel organizers choose to visit with GO Educational Tours (See our Italy tours ): 

  • Tuscany

  • Verona

  • Taormina

  • Rome

  • Venice

Learn more about three top cities for a high school trip to Italy: 


There are few places in this world like Tuscany. It has it all; the most beautiful rolling-hill landscapes, medieval historical towns, Renaissance art, amazing food, and good weather! No trip to Italy would be complete without a visit here. Students will be completely immersed in Italian culture. Some of the best spots to visit in Tuscany are Lucca, Pisa, and Florence.


 Almost all travelers make a visit to Verona for the cities famous love story, Romeo and Juliet. Verona is well known for its architecture and history. Roman ruins, medieval and Renaissance art and architecture, stunning gardens, delightful piazzas, bustling marketplaces, and inviting shops. Verona is just right – large enough to have plenty to do and see but small enough that it’s not overwhelming for student travellers. 


Taormina is, without a doubt, THE place to study abroad for theatre majors or movie fans. Concerts, plays, movie festivals, and premieres all take place at the historic Teatro Greco. Trying new foods might be on your list of reasons to study abroad, and you’ll certainly find ample opportunities in Taormina. Sicily is also home to the world’s sweetest pistachios, and they slip it in everything from pesto to gelato to swordfish. Sicily has seen a “crossroads of cultures” throughout the centuries, and because of that, families in Taormina are friendly and welcoming. A comforting city for a class trip!

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