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Top Places to see on a school trip to Florida

Posted by GOEducationalTours on September 17, 2020

Top Places to See on a School Trip to Florida

Florida has become a major destination for student travel. There is so much to see and do it’s important to set goals for your trip. Is it a year end trip for some fun or maybe a little more educational or a little bit of both? That’s up to you.  Whether it’s only for a few days or beyond a week here are the top places to see on a school trip to Florida.

  • The Kennedy Space Center

  • Airboat Rides to see alligators and Florida’s wildlife

  • Busch Gardens and the Serengeti School


Kennedy Space Center

History was made here starting  in the 1960’s. The first astronaut to go into space, Alan Shepard, the first astronauts to go to the moon on Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin blasted off from launch pad 39A, Students will see up close  the last space shuttle to fly, Atlantis. They’ll learn about the design and missions of this reusable shuttle.

staurn V rocket at the Kennedy space center in florida


Have lunch with an astronaut and have your picture taken with one. Take the tour of the launch complex and the Vehicle Assembly Building towering over all the launch pads. See the famous crawler that ferries all of the rockets to their pads.


Airboat Ride

These are thrilling excursions onto some of the shallow rivers of Florida. See some exceptional wildlife up close. From cranes, storks, buzzards, turtles and of course the famous alligators. The airboats allow you to get a great view of these incredible beasts. The captains talk about the eco-systems and ecology of the rivers and swamps. After your ride you get to hold a younger gator.


Busch Gardens and the Serengeti School

The Serengeti School is a great addition to the park day at Busch Gardens in Tampa. The Busch Gardens site aptly describes the experience:


“Busch Gardens is a world-class zoological facility where students can learn about animals from around the world, all in one location. Allow your students to experience unique, grade-based opportunities for up-close, personal animal connections.


Busch Gardens’ School Programs connects with the Next Generation Sunshine State Standards, and includes an educational guide with grade-based activities and animal information to help you make the most of your day. “

If you’re thinking of your next school trip to Florida make sure to have these on your itinerary.

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