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Top Ten Places to See on a  Washington DC School Trip

Posted by GOEducationalTours on September 2, 2020


Top Ten Places to See on a  Washington DC School Trip

When planning your next travels with your middle or high school students make sure to see these top ten places on a Washington DC school trip.

1. The Washington Monument

One of the most prominent icon in DC. Once the tallest structure in the world it does remain the tallest stone masonry building on the planet. 

2. The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

The museum is a question, not answer. It is a powerful and moving experience for all visitors. Here, the tragic events from 1933 to 1945 are told in details to make sure we are witnesses and prevent it from ever happen again.

3. The National Archives

See the original copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the bills of Rights.

4. The U.S. Capitol, The Library of Congress and Supreme Court Buildings

At the heart of our democracy lies the legislative chambers of the House and Senate. It’s a great opportunity for all students on their trip to learn more about civics and our government. Make sure to schedule a meeting with your senator or house member.

5. Arlington National Cemetery

“Here Lies In Honored Glory, a Soldier Known but to God”. Sentinels honor our fallen unknown soldiers for their sacrifice. See JFK’s gravesite and Arlington House, once the home of Robert E Lee.

6. The Museum of the Smithsonian Institution

James Smithson’s legacy still lives today. Museums free of admission for all. You get to see the Hope diamond, the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the poem that would our national anthem. Touch a piece of the moon and see the plane the Wright Brothers flew for the first powered flight in 1903. (more info on the museums here).

7. The Lincoln Memorial, Korean and Vietnam Veterans War Memorials

See Lincoln’s imposing sculpture as he overlooks the National Mall. Then take a moment to reflect at the Korean War and Vietnam War Veterans Memorials.

8. The Jefferson, FDR and MLK Memorials

Jefferson’s statue stands symbolically aligned with the White so future Presidents could be inspired by his legacy. Then onto  FDR’s more postmodern memorial to his 4 presidencies. Dr King’s memorial stands symbolically: “Out of a Mountain of Despair, a Stone of Hope”.

9. The White House

Only our first President, George Washington, did not have the privilege of living in the White House. It would be John Adams to be the first resident.

10. The National Museum of African American History and Culture

Tracing the sad history of the slave trade origins to celebrating today’s African American life and culture, it is one of the newest museums with a powerful message.

What are your top ten places to see on a Washington DC school trip?

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