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Travel Insurance

Posted by GOEducationalTours on March 2, 2021

On your next Class Trip with your middle or high school students you should always consider getting travel protection.

There are many elements that can go wrong before and during the trip and having a travel insurance policy is a great way to make sure all passengers have their investment in the educational trip protected.

GO Educational Tours works with Travel Insured (https://www.travelinsured.com/). They have great student travel protection plans whether you fly to your destination or use a motorcoach.

They have extensive information on their site and here are a few 'myths' about travel insurance they discuss in their latest blog.



We do mandate travel insurance for all passengers. This is to ensure all passengers are protected. Those that need to cancel will not cause the trip price to change for those traveling. Group pricing is based on the number of passengers and the price does go up when less passengers participate. 

Also there is extensive information available here in a Money.com article.

Start planning your class trip today for your students with GO Educational Tours. You will be in good hands and your investment in educational travel will be protected.

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