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Virtual Campus Tours

Posted by GOEducationalTours on April 26, 2021

Campus tours are an important step in the university selection process for students. High school seniors are making plans for their next chapter. They will be investing substantial funds and time. With four years ahead of them or more this selection is critical. Is it a good fit? Will I feel comfortable in the environment? Am I a warm weather person or cold weather ? These factors and more go into the decision.


Now we understand it is difficult to see all the campuses you might be interested in. They may not all be in the same region. Depending on the major you select the schools can be far apart and not making it possible to physically see them before traveling.

The Campus VR group has a great solution for this situation. They offer 360 virtual campus tours. Their content is fresh and designed for a new generation of viewers.

This is a video of the University of Tampa that received over 17,ooo views in 3 months.



It's a great example of what students can see. It will help them narrow down their search and give them the information the y need.  The college features all the highlights in a dynamic, engaging viewing experience.

Once you get a first view of the campus and the facilities it will help narrow down the choices, From here it is easy to plan a campus tour trip. This will allow you to maximize your time and get all the answers you need.


We also recommend suing our campus tour planner to make sure all the students ask the right questions so they can compare and make the best decision for their college life.


College Trip Worksheet


So if you are planning a campus tour soon, make sure to take in some virtual campus tours with Campus VR.



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